New Digs

Since we're talking about moving on this little slice of internet heaven I figured I'd mention my other move.

After some random person set up my last blog and refused to tell me who they were initially, I just gave up trying to find out. I didn't really care. Then (Probably because they were hurt I never gave them credit or tried all that hard to find out who they were) the creator of the thing went all child temper tantrum on everyone and yanked my access to the site, before eventually making the blog private so nobody could look at it. Or maybe it was done to be funny, though if it was it failed miserably. Anyways, I still don't know who it was, nor do I care.

Because, um, blogs are free. I can always start a new one.

Which I have. And it's linked on the sidebar for easy clicking, baby. Yeah, that's where daddy likes it.

Elizabeth can't tell me what to do over there. It'll be like my internet man cave. A place where I can make fun of retards and bitch about sports without being told to wrap it up and go mow the lawn.

Elizabeth did find and insert the template for me, so she deserves some thanks! As does this half Hawaiian half Latino gentlemen who helped fix the stuff I missed upon setting up everything and expertly noticing the page wouldn't load.
  1. sitboaf

    May 23, 2008 at 11:32 PM

    Speaking of poker and Man Caves...
    I present to you, my favorite internet couple, yet another gift.

    Of course faithful readers will know that it was I, sitboaf, who got these two together (very indirectly), and it was I, sitboaf, who came up with the name for this fabulous new blog.

    Enjoy this: