Interesting Developments

Turns out my current roommate is looking to move as well, possibly sooner than I was planning on moving.


He's been seeing the same girl for awhile now and she's been bucking for cohabitation like mad. She owns her own place and he's renting. He spends a majority of his time over there anyways and she probably has nicer stuff. Yet lately he was spending more and more time at our place. Things obviously weren't great. He told me it was because she wanted him to move in, but that was just skimming the surface of the real problem.

She has a kid.

Being the responsible single mom that she is, she doesn't want him moving in without there being a commitment there. She doesn't want to send the wrong message to her kid. Smart. Sucks for my buddy, though.

He's having a tough time coming to grips with the ginormous step that she's asking him to take. Basically he would be going from freewheeling bachelor (essentially) to married with a family almost instantly.

So I've got an unknown timetable for my move, and I figured I would be safe and, if anything, his decisions would be forced by my hand. Not the other way around.

She's backing off the requirements a little, and it appears he'll be able to move in with the understanding that they end up married. So he may do it as soon as next month, which leaves me in a bit of a complex situation with my um...complex.

Month to month is not something I should be doing here for more than a month. Too pricey. I also don't currently have a job in the new city. That requires a transfer process that can only take place if there's an opening. I'm not aware that there is currently an opening. In other words, I may have a chance to move somewhat soon, but maybe not. Also, if Elizabeth can't move near the same time (And she does need more time where she's at) then I'm doing the same thing down there that I'm doing up here, paying for two people when it's just me. Not a great way to save money.

So what do I do?

Move into a cheap-ass dump of a place with a 3 month lease? Go month to month for the entire rent of my current place? Become a hobo?

A hobo sounds appealing. I could let my beard grow out, wear that red lumberjack flannel I've had stashed away, and I could twitter the whole thing.

"Just punched another hobo. Nobody touches my hobo stick. Nobody."

"Beard coming in nicely. Currently offering free mustache rides to qualifying hobo women."

"Mmm, squirrel."

Or, I have another option that I'm sort of embarrassed to even think about. I could "rent" a spare bedroom at a friend's new house. I know they could use the extra money because who can't? Especially with a huge new house on a lake in a terrible economy. I could use the flexibility of continuing my current level of rent payment and being lease-free.

Still, though. It's really embarrassing to even consider.

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  1. Irritable Male Syndrome

    May 16, 2008 at 9:15 AM

    If you can afford both rents, AND get the new job in the new city, I'd do that. There is nothing more stressful than trying to move two people(coming from different apartments) at one time, into a new place.

    Oh, wait, I forgot--you don't have anything to move. Nevermind!

  1. Joe Speaker

    May 16, 2008 at 12:04 PM

    I was once faced with a roommate quickly bailing to where I had to find a place within a couple weeks. Ended up with a friend of a friend, a woman, who had a spare in a 3 bd. apt. with ANOTHER woman in the third. I took it. Then the woman I knew got transferred and moved out, and another broad moved in, so I was living with two women I didn't know.

    Awful. Worst 5 months ever. But I survived and look at how healthy all my relationships are with the ladies.