Another new home

So, it's been over a year since my very thoughtful man bought my domain name so I could set up a website for my arty stuffs.  I'm just now getting around to doing something with it.  I'm also just now realizing why I put it off for so long.  I mean besides the fact that I'm just a procrastination champion.  What a royal pain in the ass.  Not the plugging things into my head-trauma-proof iWeb, which, though limited in its design goodness, is ummm head-trauma-proof.  Not that I have head trauma, but saying retard-proof is enough to get one stoned these days, and I'm not as secure in the lack of karmic whiplash it could cause my future children as my politically incorrect boyfriend is.  But I digress...the website setting up:  It's the pointing of the dns and cnames and aliases and whoozits on the interwebs that are enough to make me stab myself in the eyeball.  Ugh. 

But I did it.  So there.  I will be glad to share with non-stalker types who are curious.    

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