Are You Doing Anything Special?

So today is Easter.

I think.

I don't pay too much attention to these sorts of things unless it means I get a day off work. Since Easter always lands on a Sunday I'm already not working, and as a result I never really know when Easter is until it gets close and everyone starts talking about it.

Not unlike Jesus, Oddcoupling was recently resurrected from the dead. Though not born in Bethlehem or of a virgin, Oddcoupling probably did die for your sins. So Oddcoupling is pretty much the same as Jesus. This is a mathematical fact, so suck it.

At any rate, because it's important (Easter) to so many people you end up with this annoying situation upon leaving a conversation where you say your normal "Have a nice day" which is followed by a typical "You too" and then followed by "Happy Easter" which is followed by "Same to you" which is then followed by the standard Easter ritual of killing a bunny, if I'm not mistaken. It's ridiculous. You just can't walk away from people when a holiday is around the corner.

I try to deflect the inevitable three or four tier goodbye ritual by lumping it all in together. "Nice talking with you, have a nice weekend and a happy Easter!" I do this while starting to turn and walk away, but invariably the person you're talking to just can't let it go.

"Thanks. You too......It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend, are you doing anything?"

Yeah. I'm trying to walk away from you, for christsake! Me walking in the opposite direction of you is a great sign of that, just so you know.

All I know is eating Jesus-is-no-longer-dead-chocolate-bunny-candy is the way to go. I'll gladly celebrate the existence of Zeus if it means peeps and M&M's and peanut butter cups.

So anyways, because Oddcoupling has risen from the dead after dying for your sins, (Just like Jesus!) Oddcoupling would like to wish you a Happy Easter.

It's nice out. Are you doing anything special?

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I would have updated sooner, but there was the moving stuff and the moving more stuff and also hanging things on walls and cleaning things up and there has been the drinking of lots of wine, because we have had things to celebrate (see: accomplishing all of the above).

Before you see all of the lovely pictures of our new place, I will first tell you all of the things I love about my new town. Within walking distance, I have already found:

  • A great wine shop where it is seemingly impossible to find a bad bottle of wine. Hey, someone has to provide the celebratory vino, right?

  • A yoga studio, which I've only been to once, but so far, so good.

  • A health food store, right next to the yoga studio, where yesterday, an older bearded gentleman shopped for organic Mexican fare, soy milk and vitamins while very much barefoot.

  • Several really adorable shops full of antiques, clothes and general awesomeness.

All of that, a man who is more amazing when I see him every day than he was before we lived together, and this is our place:

Life is good.