The New Home


Well, it appears that we have found a place to our liking.

It's a new building, eerily similar in situation to the one we currently live in. The development had high hopes and grand plans before the economy tumbled, leaving people like us in a great position to benefit. In our current case the second building was lost to the bank and lofts originally for sale were now available to rent. Brand new lofts. Industrial, fun, close to the best part of the metro area we reside in. It was pretty much a no-brainer. Expensive, but exactly what we needed.

The place we anticipate moving in to is the first in what was supposed to be numerous loft style units for purchase. After the first building was completed the economy tanked and they didn't start the others. Now, after the world almost ended because of the jews obama bush republicans democrats illuminati various entities involved, they can't sell what they have. Prices are coming down and they're now looking to rent.

For Lady Bitchmore there are numerous draws to the building beyond the style of the apartment, which happens to mesh perfectly with her style and custom design metalwork abilities. She'll be close to family and walking distance to the arts district. The icing on top of the cake is that one of her favorite bakery/deli/dessert places is basically at the other end of the parking lot.

For myself, I just wanted to be close to the arts district for her. She makes badass stuff and deserves to be selling it somewhere, so why not just up the street in one of the many art galleries? I also wanted to be close to her family. She'll be there constantly and her nieces are adorable so it only made sense. Other than that, I just wanted a a cool place to live in. This place has that.

In fact, it's almost borderline ridiculous. To know that we are upgrading from our current place to a similar but significantly better designed (Larger, nicer) place, and we're likely going to be paying over $400 LESS a month than we are now? Well that makes me feel like I'm stealing.

We looked at a few places before this particular building. We looked at a few homes and a few condo type places. Nothing even comes close. And to know that some of the dumpy, poorly designed, decorated by jackals, badly taken care of homes are asking MORE per month to rent than this brand new kickass place makes me want to go around slapping some people back to reality.

Well, to be fair I always feel like slapping people back to reality but usually just right handed. This made me want to break out the seldom used but highly effective (And generally utilized for keeping ho's in check) double backhand.

Anyhow, plans are shaping up nicely. My desire to get lucky finding a new place that was both awesome and cheaper than expected has appeared to have worked out. Now, let's all hope the same thing happens in regards to movers.


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