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So, as you've read, we have found a place. I'm pretty pumped about it because it's brand new and lovely and has giant 8 foot doors, which make me feel like a miniature person when I stand in the doorway. It's the little things that make me happy. Also? Sunshine in the bedroom. Actual windows that will let light in to wake up to, as opposed to the cave-like situation we have going on in our current place. It's not like we have no windows. We have an entire WALL of windows here. It just happens to be at the opposite side of the space, so our bedroom is a big, dark cavern.

I write about the new place as if it's already a done deal, but in reality, there is still paperwork to process and checks to write, making me feel a bit helpless, seeing as I've made zero to crappy money in the year we've been here. I've been working, it's just been more of a learning experience than a profit making one, so not so helpful in the making bacon department. And by bacon, I mean veggie bacon, of course, only not so much, because veggie bacon is decidedly cardboard-esque, so let's forget bacon. We should change that expression to making soysage, because that is delicious. Am I making all of you meat loving folks crazy pants over my rejection of your food? Comments will read "Meat is Murder! Delicious murder!" Yeah yeah. This opinion is also shared by my man, who is a lover of all sorts of animal carcasses as food. It's quite amazing that we are able to live so comfortably together despite these vast differences.

Where we aren't different? Well, there is the procrastination factor. We are both world class procrastinating prodigies. Our future children will be born weeks overdue and likely won't walk or talk until they are 4. The gene will be that strong. That is why the application to live in our new home wasn't filled out until this morning. And it still hasn't been sent, because we aren't even clear as to whom the check should be made out to for processing said application. This makes me uneasy because I won't feel truly secure in the move until I know we have a signed lease for the place. I'm not really fond of feeling I'm in limbo. Sooooo I'm a little cranky pants, but I'll get over it. What I would really like is to find a yoga studio down there that is as good (or at least close) to the one I found here. Of all the things to complain about here (long, ridiculous winter, anyone?), who would have thought that I would find a yoga studio I adore so much. I've been to a handful of them down there, but none of them have really done it for me. All a bit too focused on one person's methodology instead of being about advancing one's own practice. Guess I'll just have to keep looking. It did take me over six months to find the place here. Anyone want to airlift a yoga studio, complete with kickass instructors and other students 500ish miles for me? That would be super.

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  1. The Bracelet

    June 29, 2010 at 7:16 PM

    Who is this poster of posts?

    I know the answer. It is the woman who just wiped a booger on her pants because "they're about to go in the wash anyways."

    To be fair, they are her work pants which endure factory-like beatdowns on a daily basis so that tiny booger is probably the cleanest thing on there today.

  1. sitboaf

    July 27, 2010 at 1:18 AM

    Always err on the side of bacon.