Keeping it Sane

I have been very busy finding creative ways to procrastinate doing all of the stuff that needs getting done in the next month until we leave. Why did I quit smoking? Smoking cigarettes is a great way to put off doing stuff...5 lovely minutes at a time. But I thought (or Betty thought, so I stopped being so lazy) that maybe I should put my perspective on these pages as well. This is supposed to be a coordinated effort, you know. I had to do some much-needed sprucing up around here, though, as you can see.

So, yes, the new move. While my angrier better half has been filling you in on all of the frustrations of this process, I have been the sane, calming voice of reason. Sure, homeowners and realtORS refuse to call us back about the places that have been listed for months now. Odd how their places sit vacant while they laze around collecting rent checks...oh wait. They would have to rent them to collect those checks. They hate money. That must be it.

But I will NOT be discouraged. I prefer to think that those places are not up to my standards anyway, and the right one will be waiting for us when we arrive. It will have huge closets, lots of natural light and be way under budget. Besides, we have a backup plan if we don't find something we love love love. It's a place we like like like but they could have done some stuff in a less annoying way and we would have no outdoor space.

Here are my questions, based more on lifestyle and aesthetic issues I've been having. Do people down south not enjoy bathroom privacy? Why do people build homes with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom? I'm really expected to share a bathroom with a man AND any guests we might have? Not a fan of that. Also, the closets, people. Seriously. My luggage, which was full of most of my summer wardrobe, was lost last year and still, I cannot be expected to fit my clothes and shoes into these teeny tiny closets, much less leave room for boy clothing. Maybe we will have to get a 3 bedroom and install shelves and rods in the 3rd, wall to wall, creating a serious walk-in closet. Kind of a brilliant idea, actually.

So the hunt will continue. I'm sure we'll find something fairly easily once we are actually there to see places. SOME people around here have a penchant for the drama. I'll keep it together.

posted by elizabeth
  1. The Bracelet

    June 15, 2010 at 6:49 PM

    What has it been? 2 years?

    Welcome back!