Had a great weekend with the man visiting. I've moved into a new, also temporary place until we make the big move, so he got to see my adorable pad, which is still about 20% from being completely unpacked. The clothes and the shoes...they are a project.

As usual, we ate and drank too much. This is what happens when time together is like a multi-day celebration. It's hard to get into a normal routine when you have to pack in all of the stuff normal couples do over several weekends into a couple of days. This brought us to the discussion of keeping in shape. I'm a yoga girl. I'm fine with only doing that, it keeps me healthy and stops me from slapping people around, with its calming and balancing nature. He, however, has always been a sports guy. Soccer, basketball, whatever. The only thing is, this isn't a convenient or consistent way to work out, since it is heavily dependent upon getting a bunch of other like minded people together to get a game on. Also, it takes up a LOT of time, with the traveling to the place the game is happening, playing, and often, with the end result over some victory or losing beers, which ummm pretty much defeats the physical activity of the whole thing.

The fact is, if he could just find a workout he could do on a daily basis, that only takes a few minutes, he would be more likely to stick to a regular routine and stop complaining about the gaining and losing of the LB's. He really does obsess over it. The problem is, he cries boredom with any such workout, and I guess being bored for 30 minutes a day isn't acceptable. I don't see the big deal. He has a job. That can't be endless excitement all day long, right?

So he tells me he found a great workout. The sand bag workout. Awesome. So he read about some gimmicky nonsense in a men's magazine and now he wants to purchase bags of sand to heave to and fro? Silliest thing ever, right up there with the thigh master. It is, in fact, the men's magazine equivalent of the late night infomercial for the thigh master and all of its similar work out "tools". Only it's a bag of sand, so since it's not formed plastic in a girly purple color, it's totally a manly workout accessory. I'm sure that bag of sand will stave off his workout boredom...for 3 whole minutes.

How did he become so gullible and actually get on board with this idea? He's actually really pumped up about it. Help, people. I see sandbags cluttering the floors of my future home. I'm so not pumped about it. Unlike most clutter that I can just throw away if it gets annoying to me, they are heavy.
  1. DrChako

    June 24, 2008 at 11:12 AM

    Moving sandbags is how I lost 30 pounds in Iraq. Well, not really, but it's a very manly thing to do.


  1. Human Head

    June 24, 2008 at 9:39 PM

    Like Chako, I also spent a great deal of time moving sandbags, and that shit was horrible.

    That's unnecessary information, though. Here's what I really thought of...

    Judging by past posts and what seems to be your tireles pursuit of "just so" aesthetic, I have made the assumption that your not a big fan of dumbells and/or various other weights being present in the house.

    With that in mind, the following possibility is worth considering...

    1) Talk about new sandbag workout in animated tones.

    2) Sit and wait while you freak out at the horrific possibilities.

    3) Suggest dumbbells and/or various other weights instead.

    4) You think, "not good, but a helluva lot better than sandbags" and acquiesce.

    The likelihood of that being it is admittedly pretty slim, but nonetheless I'm compelled to bring it up.