Well Adjusted

So, we are finally settled in and I'm loving it here.  I get to be close to my sister, my nieces, my Mom (this is a double-edged sword but so far, so good), and in a place that is warmer and prettier and right next door from a yummy French bakery, from which I currently sit while my new, shinier floor is drying.  My man gets to be surrounded by my family (he is a total trooper), go to work in 95 degree heat in a suit every day, and be hundreds of miles from (most of) his friends and family.  Clearly, I have the better deal in this scenario, but I lived in the MIDWEST for over a YEAR.  I deserve it!  Besides, he already had a poker night and he no longer has to hear me bitch about the weather, the lack of decent pizza and the weather. 
Being broke due to the move has kept us from experiencing all of the things our fine new city has to offer, but that will turn around soon.  Until then, we will have to be satisfied with making delicious meals together in our new, improved larger kitchen, drinking wine from the Italian provisions store a few miles away and...wait.  Being broke is way better here.  I'm ok with it.  Next on the to-do list: make art and sell it, discover new restaurants and bars, and take pictures of our new place.  Life is rough down south.

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